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TripCase is a mobile post-booking service that provides travellers real-time updates on flights and other elements of their itineraries, while offering partners a medium through which to message travellers on a time- and location-relevant basis.

The application is free to travellers and is available for iPhone/iTouch, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Google Android. Download channels for the application can be found at

Users must register for the service via an email address and password when initially downloading the application. Itinerary data can be added to a registered user's trip case via direct PNR import (Sabre-booked records only), via direct link from Sabre® Virtually There® confirmations, by forwarding a confirmation e-mail to or by direct manual input of the itinerary data to the application or on the TripCase website.

TripCase has been awarded the "Best Mobile Solution" at the Eye for Travel 2013 Mobile Innovation in Travel Awards. This global award recognises "those brands which are investing intelligently in mobile right now, thereby paving the way for the rest of the industry to follow."

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Key Benefits

  • TripCase's targeted messaging service allows partners to target travellers on a real-time basis to receive messages relevant to the traveller's location and stage of their trip.
  • Partners can choose the specific messages to be sent to travellers based on a wide variety of criteria that the partner has prioritised - policy compliance, missing segments, ancillary revenue promotions, security notifications, customer service reinforcement and many other options.
  • TripCase extends the partner's relationship with its customers and prospects on a non-intrusive and personal basis.
  • Messages are branded with the partner logo in the TripStream, allowing partners to distinguish their messages and promote their brand within the mobile environment. Travellers will only receive messages in the TripStream that are relevant to their specific travel experience and location.
  • Promotional messages from partners are required to be relevant to travellers' itinerary data, enhancing the quality and value of the service to both travellers and partners.


  • Real-time, targeted messaging to travellers based on their location and itinerary
  • 2 Available for iPhone/iTouch, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Google Android

Additional Information

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Access and Availability

TripCase is available in English language on a Global basis

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